biblical discipleship resources that are unusually good.

About Clear Cut Media

Clear Cut Media was established in 2006 by church pastors in the UK. Wrestling with how to best help Christians grow in their faith, they searched for resources that would not just increase head knowledge but affect the heart and lifestyle. Some resources already existed and some needed to be created. It was with this vision that Clear Cut Media (CCM) was born.

After various projects they saw clearly the need for a foundational resource that would help bring stability and renewal to the church. A resource was needed that all Christians could access, no matter what their stage of faith. It would need to be comprehensive in teaching all the main doctrines of the Bible but in a way that led people to worship and change. Dr. Wayne Grudem was contacted because of his unique combination of expertise, passion, and sheer love for the Lord.

We are mindful that there are pastors and leaders in the developing world who would not be able to purchase this resource for their church. Our intention, as Christian Beliefs gets established, is to provide resources to these leaders either free or greatly subsidised. That work has already begun in Africa.