biblical discipleship resources that are unusually good.

How to use Christian Beliefs

Discipleship needs flexibility. Christian Beliefs can be used in a variety of contexts. Below are a few suggestions. However, there are no limits to how this resource can be used, so you may well come up with something completely different!

Small Groups

Christian Beliefs is an ideal small group resource with the study guide and discussion questions providing a great compliment to the DVD sessions. Choose the ‘play with discussion breaks’ option for the DVD to pause at the end of each main point.

In this context many people are doing one of the following:

  1. Watching one session a week and working systematically through the whole course.
  2. Doing four blocks of five weeks with other material in between to break up the course. Of course any combination is possible, e.g. two x 10 week blocks etc.
  3. Watch one session per month, supplementing existing topical studies and social / fellowship meetings.

The going deeper section in the study guides can either be done in the small group, or in twos during the week as part of a mentoring programme.

Larger Groups

Sunday school programmes, after-church meetings, and various other larger group contexts are possible. Some churches have used this material as part of their evening Sunday service.

One-to-one Mentoring

This is a great resource for mentoring relationships. The material is easily accessible by people at all stages of faith. With a great study guide and leader's guide, Christians can easily be discipling each other.


Anyone can use this resource. If you want to watch it on your own and benefit from it in that way, then you have everything you need.


More than ever, people are open today to talking about faith and beliefs. All or part of this resource could be offered in schools, places of work, colleges, as well as church for people to see and explore what Christians believe. You could use key sessions to supplement your existing evangelistic efforts. Of course you could also invite your friends and neighbours round to watch some sessions with you and explore faith together.

If you would like to share your experiences and suggestions on using this course please email us at

Formal theological training was never a privilege I enjoyed. But had I attended seminary, I would have wanted to learn theology in Wayne Grudem’s classroom. This DVD series now makes this possible for me—and for you. — C J Mahaney