biblical discipleship resources that are unusually good.

Course overview

Understand what you believe! In this ground breaking DVD box set series, Dr. Wayne Grudem teaches the 20 main doctrines of the faith with biblical depth, spiritual passion and a freshness that makes this series unique in the Christian world.

The box set contains six DVDs with a total of 20 sessions, and includes a 175 page full-colour study guide.

For maximum benefit each session has the following options:

  • Play all
  • Play with discussion breaks
  • Questions & answers

Each session lasts approximately 35–40 minutes.

Great for small groups, the discussion breaks pause the video and point you to the relevant pages in the study guide where you will find thought provoking questions.

The Q&A sessions involve Dr. Grudum interacting with a live audience. Lasting approximately 10 minutes, these dynamic sections of the DVD help cement the main teaching points.

These truly are twenty basic beliefs that every Christian should know. Wayne Grudem is a master teacher with the ability to explain profound truths in simple language. He is a man of deep conviction and theological passion — and those who watch these DVDs will be both educated and encouraged in the faith. — Dr. Al Mohler