biblical discipleship resources that are unusually good.


A selection of reviews and comments from people who attended the recording sessions, or who have used the course in their own churches.

Having very much appreciated, used and recommended Wayne Grudem’s excellent Systematic Theology, I was delighted to be able to attend the recording of this course and hear the man himself. What comes across from start to finish is not only a clear scholarly handling of doctrine, but the warmth and devotion of a man who is personally passionate about what he teaches.

As a church leader I have longed for an accessible theological training tool such as this and thoroughly recommend it as an excellent resource appropriate for use in Home Groups, Discipleship or in a leadership development setting. This DVD course is in a class of its own and is sure to be widely used.

Goff Hope

I am so grateful to God for the Christian Beliefs course. It answers the question brilliantly, 'What is a Christian?' This might seem like a no-brainer, but the reality is I did not know anywhere near as much about God and Christianity as I thought I knew. I would highly recommend this discipleship course for anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge of God. This is a top resource for any church or individual.

Jules Ibbitt

We are going through this material in small groups in our Church and Wayne Grudems tremendous knowledge, love and enthusiasm for the word of God shine through. This material is vital to today's modern church and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the bible and a clearer understanding of the God of the bible and his son, Jesus Christ. Waynes relaxed manner and warm personality shine through and he is a pleasure to listen to. Thanks so much for this material.

Steven Nield

Dr. Wayne Grudem is a true definition of a teacher. An individual that is able to break down seemingly difficult truths and make spiritual meat palatable to the newest of believer. This has been accomplished in the Christian Beliefs Discipleship Course where I have been thoroughly equipped with biblical truth and am stirred on to be a student of our beloved Saviour.

Sean Taylor

I am delighted with Christian Beliefs. Wayne Grudem brings the bible alive for me and makes doctrine warm and desirable. Wayne obiously has a close walk with the Lord and that shines through in his teaching. I only wish this had been around 20 years ago!

Debbie Mann

Recently a woman in the church had come under the influence of the J.W's. A stonger Christian woman asked if I had any material to help her. I had just recieved Wayne Grudem's teaching DVD's passed them over. The next Sunday they were very excited, they had listened to the teaching on the Trinity and were much encouraged. I was concerned, having not seen them yet, it might have been too complicated for them but they assured me it was really clear teaching. They are now going to use the full DVD series to grow in their discipleship. Praise God for this wonderful provision.

Nathan Pomeroy

As a church we have been using the 20 Life Transforming Truths, it's proving to be a fantastic resource for those in our church. The teaching answers vital questions surrounding the main doctrines of the Christian faith, strengthening the faith and understanding of those who study the material. It's proved a useful tool in developing deeper Christian understanding. We found Wayne Grudem's presentations insightful, warm, down to earth and of course clearly bible centered.

Martin Clowes

Wayne Grudem presents a clear, bible-based outline of each of the vital principles which together comprise a complete overview of what Christianity is really all about. These principles are described in an accessible, structured manner suitable for those simply seeking an understanding of Christian beliefs but also for those both new to and maturing in the Christian faith. Incorporating discussion breaks and Q&A sessions, this DVD series provides an ideal basis for open group debate about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian believer in our society today.

Keith Richardson

I am currently watching 'Christian Beliefs' weekly with a friend. I was prompted to buy the DVD's because of the increasingly poor/liberal message being preached in my own church, and many others also. I felt that some good teaching was needed, and wanted to watch the series first for myself. My friend is studying Theology and Wayne Grudem's books are on the reading list.

I am about to show the first session to a small study group, and am hoping that they will want to do the whole series!

I have really enjoyed the course so far, and I find Wayne Grudem's style very accessible. His obvious enthusiasm for God's Word is contagious! I have found the Q&A sessions particularly beneficial. I think that the quality of the DVD's makes this a truly invaluable resource for the church today.

Elizabeth Goosey