biblical discipleship resources that are unusually good.

Course overview

The God's Design for Women course consists of six inspiring sessions on the whole subject of Biblical womanhood.

  1. God's Design for Women
  2. Marriage and the Woman of God
  3. Singleness and the Woman of God
  4. Motherhood and the Woman of God
  5. Church and the Woman of God (Part 1)
  6. Church and the Woman of God (Part 2)

With the compact sessions, the material lends itself to a wide range of learning applications. You could…

  • complete the course in six weeks in a women's group;
  • set up a new women's cell group;
  • study in a larger setting, breaking down into smaller groups for discussion;
  • go through the material on your own;
  • work through the course with a prayer partner, or triplet.

Or why not work through the material with someone who is exploring Christianity?

Each DVD session is around 30-40 minutes in length. You are encouraged to pause the DVD to take time to reflect on this issues and to personalise the teaching, perhaps by commenting in the course workbook.