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God's Design For Women - DVD Course Workbook


Women today are encouraged to think they can ‘have it all’; career success and family fulfilment at the same time. But these external measures of ‘success’ leave many feeling inadequate. Sharon James shows that every woman has dignity as she has been made in the image of God, and that every woman can find true fulfilment when she understands, enjoys and fulfils her creation design.

This Workbook is design to accompany the teaching DVD. It has six sessions:

  • Session 1 - God's Design for Women
  • Session 2 - Marriage & the Woman of God
  • Session 3 - Motherhood & the Woman of God
  • Session 4 - Singleness & the Woman of God
  • Session 5 - Church & the Woman of God 1
  • Session 6 - Church & the Woman of God 2
Each session is designed to inform and inspire Christian women towards biblical, godly womanhood. Whether used in a group, with a prayer partner, or on your own you will discover the lies of radical feminism and a toxic culture, you will grow in the areas of marriage, natural and spiritual motherhood. You learn how to balance work and home life. You will also discover the many roles that God has designed for women in Church and look at leadership, and much more.

Sharon James is a British conference speaker and author, who has spoken to many different audiences on biblical womanhood, both in the UK and abroad. She has degrees in history (Cambridge University) and theology (Toronto Baptist Seminary). She has written several books, including My Heart in His Hands ( the life of Ann Judson), In Trouble and in Joy, and Gentle Rain on Tender Grass: Devotions in the Pentateuch. Sharon is married to Bill, who is pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Leamington Spa, and they have two children.

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